Wedding Information

We encourage the use of our sanctuary and fellowship hall for weddings and receptions.  We are convinced marriage is a sacred act and ought to take place with the full blessings of the Church and in the House of God.  To make your marriage most meaningful, and to clearly specify mutual responsibility, the Administrative Council has adopted the following policies.

1.  The bride and groom should make an appointment with the pastor as soon as is convenient, before the date of the wedding has been finally set or announced.

2.  A date will be set on the church calendar as soon as the couple and the minister agree upon one.

3. Most weddings will require a rehearsal when all the participants and parents of the bride and groom can be present.  Usually this, too, is held by appointment, the evening before the wedding.

4. There will be no charge for the use of the sanctuary to those persons whose immediate families are members or supporting constituents of Jacobs Chapel UMC, Inc.  (See the fee schedule attached for the use of the sanctuary for non-members.)  A Saturday wedding with a reception at Jacobs Chapel UMC, Inc. must begin by 3:00 p.m.  A Saturday wedding after 6:00 p.m. will incur an additional charge.

5. Photographer: Flash pictures may be taken as the party enters and leaves the sanctuary.  It is permissible for pictures to be taken from the rear of the sanctuary, if flash is not used.  No flash pictures will be taken by any person during the wedding ceremony.  Photographers and persons with cameras are asked to follow directions of the pastor and refrain from any distracting activity during the ceremony itself.  Video-taping may be done under the direct supervision of the pastor, and cannot be distracting or obtrusive.

6. Our Chancel furniture has been arranged for worship services according to seating, lighting, microphones, visibility, etc.  It cannot be moved or rearranged for weddings unless prior approval has been obtained from the Pastor.

7. Observing the Lord's Supper as a part of the wedding service is permissible, and may be arranged with the Pastor.

8. Our Pastor will schedule at least four premarital counseling and wedding planning sessions with you before the rehearsal and ceremony.  Remember, they are professionals and have ultimate responsibility for the conduct of the wedding ceremony, though personal suggestions from the bride and groom are appropriate at the planning session.

9. There is to be no smoking nor alcoholic beverages in the building at any time.

10. There shall be no rice passed out or thrown.  An increasing number of wedding parties are using "bird seed" in place of rice.  If bird seed is used, we ask that it be thrown a considerable distance from the building.

11. Any candles used in either the sanctuary or fellowship hall must be used with plastic drop cloths.

12. Persons whose weddings are held during Advent, Lent, or other special Christian seasons may not remove items or banners placed in the sanctuary for the observance of those seasons.  Weddings within the week prior to Christmas or Easter are discouraged.  We encourage couples to choose times other than Lent and Advent in consideration of the other activities with Jacobs Chapel UMC, Inc. during those seasons.

13. We are not responsible for clothing or any other personal items before or after the wedding.


1. No receptions shall begin after 3:30 p.m. on Saturdays.

2. Weddings in our church may hold their receptions in our fellowship hall or shelter house (weather permitting).  A fire in the fireplace of the shelter house is prohibited.

3. All receptions must end by 8:30 p.m.


1. Flowers are ordered by the bride and groom from the florist of their choice.

2. Decorations in the sanctuary should highlight the Altar and the Cross in the Chancel area and not hide them.  Flowers for weekend weddings may be left for the Sunday morning worship service, if desired.

3. The church can furnish two, seven-candle candelabra for your use.  (See fee schedule for the cost of the candles.)  Altar candles may be used.

4. Unity candles may be used on the altar and as part of the ceremony.  They are not furnished by the church.


1. We prefer that only our church organist be used.  If he/she is unable to play, he/she will provide a qualified substitute.  If there is a friend or relative that you would like to have play, they must be approved by our organist.

2. The music is a very special part of your wedding ceremony, so it deserves careful consideration.  Since you have chosen to be married in the church, and you are asking God's blessing upon your marriage, your music should reflect this in its character and style.  We would encourage you to choose music of good quality that is suitable for use in the church.  This would include the text of any vocal music you wish to include in the ceremony.  You may consult with the organist or Pastor to help you determine if your musical choices are appropriate.

3. The organist will be available to meet with you and offer some examples of precessionals, recessional, and other service music.  You may contact him/her through the church office for an appointment.

4. The sound system must be operated by trained church individuals.

We hope this will help you in choosing your wedding music, and in making your ceremony more meaningful to you!

We are happy that you have chosen Jacobs Chapel United Methodist Church, Inc. as the place for your wedding.  With these basic facts before you begin consultation with the Pastor, we trust that this high point in your life will long be remembered by all as a happy and sacred occasion!


You will need to pick up any decorations (bows, candles, etc.) left from your ceremony on or before the Monday morning after your wedding.  These items will be stored in a box marked "WEDDING  DECORATIONS," and kept in the storage room behind the Chancel area of the church.  Remember, all unclaimed items will be discarded on the Monday after the wedding, unless otherwise claimed.


Pastor fee  (for non-members) = $200.00

Custodian fee:     for Wedding = $  50.00          for Reception = $  50.00

Use of Sanctuary (non-member) = $200.00

Additional fee for wedding and/or reception

     after 6:00 p.m. (non-member) = $ 25.00

Use of Fellowship Hall (includes kitchen) (non-member) = $200.00

Candelabra (includes candles) = $  10.00 each

Kneeling Bench = NO CHARGE

Communion = NO CHARGE


NOTE:  A $200 deposit is required to hold the requested date.  The full amount is due one (1) month prior to the wedding date.

Policy approved by Administrative Council on September 17, 2006, and adopted on October 15, 2006.